Pokemon Pre-release

Pokemon Burning Shadows is unleashed at GTG with our spectacular Pre-release event!

Get your packs ahead of the official release and gain hard to get Promo’s.

We have two events happening, one on Saturday and one on Sunday with 8 slots available for each. Local players will get first refusal on slots and we will then open up seats to others. You are welcome to attend both events.

Tickets are £25 each

The release will begin at 12pm on Saturday and Sunday

How does it work?

Players each receive a Pre-release pack of sealed Burning Shadows Boosters. They will then have 40 minutes to construct a 40 card deck from the prerelease pack. Energy will be provided.

Players will then play Swiss rounds based on the number of players (a minimum of three). These will be single matches, not best of three.

Additional boosters will be given out as prize support.


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